6 New Nightclub Trends You'll See In 2017

Nightlife is a fast paced industry that's always changing. These tips and sips will be what's big this year.

Don Julio 1942

A big drink this year is definitely the new Magnum size of Don Julio 1942 Tequila because bigger is better. This popular drink is in a bigger size to keep the party going for hours on end. The big bottle is gaining popularity fast and is popping up on menus at the hottest clubs like LIV and Tao. Celebs like Justin Bieber, Lil Jon, and Christina Milian have been spotted sipping on this towering bottle of tequila.

trends don julio 1942 2.png  

Health Kick

Consumers are taking their health into consideration, even at the bar. According to The Spirit Business, bartenders might start seeing drink orders that contain vegetables and vegetable juices. Juices are also being used as mixers at tables as well. Tablelist venue Avenue Nightclub in NYC offers "juicetails"- alcohol mixed with fruit and vegetable juices. Many people are juicing and these drinks will definitely appeal to them. Along with fruits and vegetables, people are moving toward more natural flavors in their drinks as well. A new spirit called Freya is distilled from birch sap, providing a pure and wild flavor with woody and subtle vanilla notes.


Me, Me, Me

A big thing consumers want is personalization and to feel like they're more than just a number on a list. According to Bazaarvoice and the CMO Council, more than half of consumers say that they want a completely personalized experience in exchange for the data they provide. This data can include things like buying habits and brand preferences. If nightclubs gather information about their customers, they will be able to cater more to their needs and create strong relationships with guests. With NightPro, venues can track average spending, seating preferences, past servers, birthdays, and other details that will allow a more personalized experience for every guest.

Digital Age

It's time to ditch the pen and paper and get digital. In the bustling nightlife industry, it's hard to keep up with crowds, emails, promoters, tickets, and everything else that running a successful venue comes with. Crumpled up guest lists and scribbled down reservations are not effective, so many nightclubs and bars are turning to venue management applications. NightPro is a venue and event management software that streamlines operations to keep the party running smoothly. All information is kept in one place and on multiple devices so the whole staff is on the same page. No more flipping through pages of names at the door. A simple scroll and click on an iPad, iPhone, or laptop is all it will take to check in a guest at your next event.


What's In A Name

Along with a personalized experience, bars and nightclubs are finding more ways to connect with and relate to their customers. Bartenders are starting to name their drinks unique and unconventional things. World Class says instead of having traditional names of cocktails, new menus invite exploration and engage with the drinker. These new menus can use colors, astrological signs, or even moods to list and categorize their cocktails. These drinks can be tailored to each individual drinker to conjure up specific emotions. 


Service is Major Key

Having 5-star service is a must at any nightclub or bar. With all types of social media sites like Yelp and Tablelist, reviews can make or break a venue. Guests can give star ratings to venues on Tablelist that can sway others to (or not to) check out a spot. Many venues will start to keep a close eye on what people are saying about them online and tweak their customer service accordingly. The energetic Corey from NightPro venue Mynt Lounge in Miami sets a great example of awesome and fun service.

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