It’s Not Too Late to Incorporate 2019 Cocktail Trends on Your Menu

As we approach the half year mark, it’s important to take a look at what has been popular to drink this year so far, and forecast what will be on trend for the remaining six months. Summertime is the perfect time to revamp your menu to make sure that the second half of 2019 is thriving. To help out, we have analyzed what has been the most successful drink-wise for the first half of 2019, and made some strong predictions moving forward for what will be popular in the remaining months.  Millennials are all about trying new and exciting products, so we crafted a few ideas for you to thrill that target market.


So far in 2019, we have seen an increasing effort for sustainable measures through trends such as the no-straw movement.  This trend will definitely be upheld throughout the year, so definitely keep this in mind and jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon!  Any additional sustainable measures will for sure attract consumers, such as using environmentally friendly packaging, products from sustainable brands, and even vegetable or fruit scraps to infuse vodka or gin. NYC's 18th Room, an elegant, romantic Chelsea lounge, has introduced several new sustainable cocktails to its menu that are created with a "low waste," eco-aware ideology.


As summer is approaching, many young adults are scrambling to get bikini ready, yet they still don’t want to have FOMO by not going out.  An increase in incorporating healthy ingredients in cocktails has been shown within the past year. Using superfoods such as turmeric, kale, berries, activated charcoal, and matcha to name a few will provide a guilt-free (healthyish?) option for those who are on a health kick.  You can also attract a wider crowd by avoiding artificial flavorings and sticking to real and fresh ingredients. This will allow the consumer to feel good about what they’re drinking and come back for more – like at The Wayland, a farm-to-bar establishment in New York City that serves a Garden Variety Margarita, made with kale juice!

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Nowadays people are very focused on discovering cool things first and showing off exciting experiences with ease through social media.   Visually and aesthetically pleasing drinks that can be photographed well on Instagram are going to be a very big selling point for the rest of the year.  Everything from cool reusable straws, exquisite garnishes, and even pelleted ice will upgrade your cocktails and make them more appealing to customers. Specifically, we're loving the 10-pound Moscow Mule offered at PHD Rooftop Lounge at Dream Downtown, a TablelistPro client. Just look at it!



CBD has become increasingly popular this year as it is more regulated and readily available.  CBD is known to naturally relax you, which is an effect that most people who are having a drink are aiming to get anyways.  Many healthy adults have been grasping on to the CBD trend and those who haven’t tried it will definitely be intrigued! Those who are worried about mixing any pain medication with alcohol can avoid these complications by drinking the CBD cocktails which naturally are pain relievers.



For the past few years, frozé has been on almost everyone’s radar.  Summer is the perfect time to test out some new frozen drinks seeing how well frozé sold in the past.  Feel free to get creative and try some of your signature cocktails frozen, as customers in the heat typically want the most refreshing drinks possible.  A unique frozen drink such as the San Blas Sangria from Area 31 in Miami – a mixture of Blanco tequila, guava purée, lemon juice, Merlot, and Aperol – will make your venue stand out from the rest.



Lastly, something that has become popular recently would be a spirit free list of fun mocktails for those who don’t drink.  This ensures that all customers can try out cool drinks and will guarantee a larger sale from those who don’t typically spend money on drinks.


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