NightPro Client Spotlight: The VNYL

The VNYL stands for Vintage New York Lifestyle, and that's exactly what they capture in this restaurant and lifestyle space. The downtown NYC spot showcases everything 1970's, from the music to the furniture and decor. NightPro is proud to be the preferred venue management software of The VNYL.

1. About

Address & Location:

100 Third Ave New York, New York 10003

First Opened:

September 2016; less than 1 year of business.

What to Know:

The VNYL is a 4 level venue perfect for small dinner bookings and large private events. Only the best ingredients are used on the menu to enhance the innovation and creativity of the cuisine. Fun fact: each piece of furniture was custom designed for The VNYL and manufactured in Ireland.

VNYL interior 2.jpg

2. Staff and Scene

Who Runs the Show:

Jordan Andino- Executive Chef.

Jake Riley- General Manager. 

Gareth Howells- Beverage Director

The Scene:

Dressy people of all ages and anyone with a 1970's attitude.

VNYL people.jpg

3. General Info



4 levels of party space to fit around 600 people.

Hours of Operation:

Sunday-Wednesday 5:00PM- 2:00AM

Thursday-Saturday 5:00PM- 3:00AM


According to the team, their music has been curated for one purpose: Fun.

VNYL dancing.jpg

4. Pro-Tips

The ground floor of The VNYL is a vinyl record "listening station" that opens at 7AM daily. If you like the music playing, you can purchase the records, but you'll have to ask for the price.

VNYL record shop.jpg 

5. Look Inside

The VNYL has 4 floors with different themes, not including the coffee shop and "listening station". Once you walk through the hall behind the coffee shop you enter the main room filled with woody colors, tables and a bar. The mezzanine is more of a lounge setting with colored lights and soft couches. The Black Rose Room is black and green themed with drawn portraits on the wall and a large bar. The Champagne Garden is a light and airy space with light woods, pinks, and leaf patterns. 

VNYL black rose room.jpg

6. Be There

The VNYL is a lifestyle space that will take you back to the 70's, but not the bell bottom 70's. This spot reflects residences of the era while still functioning as a commercial space. Their creative menu and curated music will have you partying like its 1970.


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