Now in NightPro: Drag & Drop Seating, Advanced Filters, Quick-Add Booking Attribution

To keep you on the cutting edge, we're proud to add new features to your dashboard and app, with many ideas coming right from venues like you.  Here’s what’s new in NightPro:

Drag and Drop seating on iPad

Now, add and remove tables from your venue map, without lifting a finger.


Tap the reservation you'd like to seat, then slide your finger (without lifting) across the map to the table. To place them, simply lift your finger and the location will set. To remove a reservation from your map, touch and hold until the pop-up appears, then click Un-Assign Table



Quick Add Booked By

Quickly attribute a booking referral even if the person isn't in your system 
- Click into the Reservation you want to attribute
- Type the new name into the search bar, and tap to Quick Add

Advanced Filters

- Sort by All, Upcoming, Checked In, Closed Out, Canceled, & Booked By
- Tap the Filter icon above Reservations on mobile to begin
Save time and effort finding the info you're looking for

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