The 5 Problems with using Pen and Paper at Your Venue (and How to Solve Them)

If you're still using pen and paper methods to manage your nightclub or bar, you're not alone. More than 85% of nightclubs, lounges and events use handwritten reservations and table maps as their primary source of organization. While pen and paper has worked for years, the industry is changing fast; Customers expect more personalized service, your partners expect more advanced reporting about your business, and your staff has to be extra organized to handle it all.


The good news is, technology is finally on your side. With NightPro Venue Management, making the switch from pen and paper is easier than ever. If you're frustrated by any of these top 5 Pen & Paper problems, NightPro is here to help.




Pen & Paper Problem #1: Messy Reservations and Table Maps

When your staff is busy, the chicken scratch comes out. Whether it's a handwritten reservation, a hard-to-read paper floor plan, or a desk full of sticky notes from phone calls, the struggle can be real. Without an effective way to manage reservations and tables, you could easily lose track of what's on the books. With NightPro's reservation management features, instantly input your guest's information into your one central system. Easily see real-time availability and locations of tables across multiple devices so all staff is aware of bookings. Assign tables using the interactive digital floor plan to drag and drop reservations, and eliminate eraser shavings on written seating charts.


Pen & Paper Problem #2: Your Info is Only in One Place

When reservations are written in a book or on paper, they are all in one place. For those sitting at one desk all day, that might work - but we have a guess that you're running around your venue, always on the go. Wouldn't it be great to take your data with you, wherever you are? With NightPro, data can be synced onto all of your devices so from your VIP host at the door to your general manager, everyone is on the same page. Reservations, ticket sales, guest lists, and other information can be viewed from multiple iPads, iPhones, or computers so all staff is in the know, and your venue can run smoothly.

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Pen & Paper Problem #3: It Takes Too Long at the Door

While your bouncer and VIP host are flipping through pages of reservations and guest lists at the door, you're losing valuable time (and money) that your clients could be spending inside. With NightPro, your venue can eliminate paper guest lists for good, running the most efficient door possible. Integrate NightPro with your website to get real-time updated guest lists and ticket availability. Then, use NightPro on your iPad or iPhone app at the door to quickly search for guest names, check them in, and get them into your venue faster.


Pen & Paper Problem #4: It's Hard to Be Strategic

More times than not, paper gets thrown out at the end of the night. Your venue could be organizing your guest lists and reservations to collect important information about customers and learn about their habits. With a pen and paper system, this can't happen easily. Using NightPro allows you to store guest lists, reservations and customer data in order to benefit your business in the long run. This lets you understand your customers' habits and preferences which can help create a better experience for each guest.


Pen & Paper Problem #5: Spending Hours on Reporting

Being in charge of a successful venue means making big business decisions. Without an easy way to see and organize your data, this can be one of the most time consuming parts of your job. Imagine a world where you could easily answer questions like "What's on the books tonight?" "What were our sales last quarter?" "Which of our promoters is performing the best?" With NightPro, we've made tools like Schedule Reports that sent to your staff automatically, and data dashboards that make searching & exporting info a breeze.


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Ready to grow your business and save time by ditching that pen and paper forever? Learn more about NightPro Venue Management Software, the #1 solution trusted by nightclubs, lounges, and events across the world.